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WPI staff travel around the world conducting market research and working on behalf of our clients. If you will be attending any of the same events or would like to meet in any of the areas we're heading to, feel free to reach out!

Alternatively, if you are planning a visit to Washington, D.C., Oregon, North Dakota, or any of the other U.S. states and locations around the world where our staff are located, feel free to reach out, stop by and say hello.
We get a lot of information across our desk, but when we see something with the name World Perspectives on it we take it very seriously because we know it is of high quality. WPI CUSTOMER, 2016

Upcoming Travel

Fall 2018

9-12 September

David Gregg will be attending NASDA's 2018 Annual Meeting in Hartford, CT.

22-24 October

David Gregg will be attending USGC's Export Exchange conference in Minneapolis, MN.

14-15 November

David Gregg will be attending the U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council's Annual Workshop in Baltimore, MD.

27-28 November

David Gregg and Dave Juday will be presenting work at SUSTA's fall meeting in Annapolis, MD. 

29 November

David Gregg will be presenting at the Kansas Livestock Association's Annual Convention in Wichita, KS. 

29 November

Matt Herrington will be in Reno, Nevada at the California Cattlemen's meeting. 

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