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WPI has collaborated with public and private industry stakeholders to identify and quantify investment opportunities, develop strategic plans and gain executive-level support for new ventures and initiatives. Below is a collection of past engagements. To discuss a potential project, contact us.

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Accountability and a comprehensive approach to export programming

WPI’s team helped construct a strategic approach to develop, implement, and track promotional activities in 8 key regions across the globe for an agricultural export association. With continued progress measurement and strategic advisory services from WPI, the association has seen its ROI from investments in promotional programming increase by 44 percent over the past 5 years. Not only does this type of holistic approach to organizational strategy provide measurable results to track and analyze, it fosters top-down and bottom-up organizational accountability.

Illuminating the value of technical research

On behalf of a commodity producer organization, WPI evaluated the outputs from a project that featured a $5 million investment into technical research over multiple years. WPI’s team captured the results of this extensive effort and synthesized them for presentation to the organization’s governing board; among the findings uncovered and presented for the first time was the development of genomic traits proven, via rigorous testing, to provide crop yield advantages of 50 percent or more to U.S. farmers in times of drought. Capturing measurable results from long-term efforts can be challenging. Educating clients on the dynamics of success measurement when quantifiable results are not readily available requires deep client-consultant collaboration and an ability to consider both near- and long-term client aspirations with market/policy dynamics – attributes that WPI brings to every consulting engagement.

Connecting the dots in export promotion

WPI was tasked with assessing the impact of a program that funded technical training to help increase efficiencies of domestic poultry production in a key Middle Eastern market. WPI’s report accurately forecasted healthy, 5-7 percent year-on-year growth in production; subsequent recommendations by WPI for the client to increase promotional expenditures have helped position the client’s product group as a key feed input for the growing sector. WPI’s prescriptions for business success position the client in such a way that, if direct channels are unfeasible, indirect channels to capture residual market share are illuminated.

Diverse challenges, diverse solutions

WPI provides audit and evaluation services primarily to agricultural organizations that receive funding from producers, industry, and/or government agencies. This dynamic requires these organizations to implement and execute practices that report on program results and return-on-investment to financial backers.

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