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This publication is no longer being produced.
Historical articles are made available for reference only.

What is Ag Review?

Ag Review

A monthly report taking a deep dive into how market fundamentals are driving industry profitability and earnings potential.

Our Focus
Ag Review looks beyond commodity market fundamentals and offers insight into how supply, demand, price, and volatility are influencing agribusiness margins. From detailed analysis of how policy actions will drive ethanol and biodiesel production margins to the outlook for soybean crushing plants and meat packers, Ag Review gives equity analysts and business managers alike the information necessary to make informed decisions.
Our History
Ag Review was born from client requests for a monthly recap of commodity market price action. The first editions featured a summary of analysts’ thoughts and predictions that were published in Ag Perspectives, combined with Bob Kohlmeyer’s perspective of what past market events implied for current happenings. Since then, the publication has evolved to be a forward-looking, equity price/business margin-focused publication that gives our customers actionable insights.
Ag Review is informative and directional; it is a good and credible guide. Ag Review Reader, 2017
Our Writers

Our writers have years of industry experience and offer accessible insights you can’t find anywhere else. To read more about our writers, view the our team section.

About World Perspectives

World Perspectives, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based agricultural consulting firm providing daily and monthly analytical reports on markets and policy, plus a wide range of specialized services including market, policy and investment analyses, program audit and evaluation work, as well as other custom or proprietary services. To read more about WPI, view our about us section.

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